Ambassadors Advisory Board


Ashok Mirpuri

His Excellency Ashok Mirpuri

Embassy of Singapore


The Honorable Richard Boucher
Former U.S. Ambassador to Cyprus 

His Excellency Francisco Campbell
Embassy of Nicaragua

The Honorable Shaun Donnelly
Former U.S. Ambassador to Sri Lanka

Her Excellency Uzoma Emenike
Embassy of Nigeria

His Excellency Philippe Etienne
Embassy of France

Her Excellency Floreta Faber
Embassy of Albania

Her Excellency Emily Haber
Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany

The Honorable Lloyd Hand
Former U.S. Chief of Protocol

His Excellency Mikko Hautala
Embassy of Finland

The Honorable Robert Hunter
Former U.S. Ambassador to NATO

His Excellency Radovan Javorcik
Embassy of the Slovak Republic

The Honorable James Jones
Former U.S. Ambassador to Mexico

Her Excellency Dina Khalil Tawfiq Kawar
Embassy of Jordan

The Honorable Denis Lamb
Former U.S. Ambassador to OECD

His Excellency Stavros Lambrinidis
Delegation of the European Union  

The Honorable Marisa Lino
Former U.S. Ambassador to Albania

The Honorable Constance Morella
Former U.S. Ambassador to OECD

Her Excellency Karin Olofsdotter
Embassy of Sweden

The Honorable Thomas Pickering
Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations

His Excellency Jacques Henri Pitteloud
Embassy of Switzerland

Her Excellency Audra Plepyte
Embassy of Lithuania

His Excellency Jean Regibeau
Embassy of Belgium

The Honorable Charles Ries
Former U.S. Ambassador to Greece

His Excellency Jose Manuel Romualdez
Embassy of the Philippines

The Honorable Thomas A. Shannon, Jr.
Former U.S. Ambassador to Brazil

His Excellency Arthur Sinodinos
Embassy of Australia

The Honorable Earl Anthony Wayne
Former U.S. Ambassador to Mexico

His Excellency Motaz Zahran
Embassy of Egypt

AAB 2022

Ambassadors Advisory Board

February 2022

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